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ryside" p○roducts, the s◆ales value of〓 which rea◆ched 54.467 millio●n yuan, surpassing■ 50 million y■uan. Translated● by LOTOTh●e State Council rec■ently approved an i●mplementation pl○an to encourage〓 automobile and ho●usehold app●liance "tr■ade-ins" (hereinaf◆ter referred to as ●the Plan). ●The Plan show○

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s that a maximu●m subsidy of〓 6,000 yuan◆ will be granted fo●r "trade-ins" o◆f automobiles t■hat have reach●ed certain se■rvice lifetime.Su○bsidies totali◆ng seven billion● yuan to be○ allocated ●to "trade-in◆s"On May 1●9, the policy aim○ed at encouragin〓g automobile and○ household app○liance "trade-ins"○ was stu

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